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Laura Tappatà
Laura Tappatà

He teaches at the Catholic University of Piacenza where he leads the Laboratory of Relationship Management and Educational Work Psychology in the Qualification Course for Sociopedagogical Professional Educator (60CFU).

Troppo Amore!
by Laura Tappatà

 Whenever we justify excesses, when our relationship puts our emotional well-being, our health and safety at risk, when we adapt to everything thinking that if we are affectionate, understanding, attractive, our partner will change attitudes, just out of love for us, in that case we are in danger of loving too much. Love, for emotional dependent, is obsessive, suffocating, parasitic. The love patient is a one-way "donor" of love, he is an intoxicated person who feels a psychological and physiological malaise as if he were addicted to some substance; what can we do to counter this?
And as women, we can experience our value both when we take care of others, but also when we accept the healthy ambition of wanting to take the stage as protagonists, never victims of anyone or any feelings.

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