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Pages 208, 14 x 21 cm.

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Roberta Dieci
Roberta Dieci

Roberta Dieci born in 1982, lives and works in Modena.
Her debut novel I sogni non fanno rumore won two literary awards (Buk Festival di Modena-February 2017, Special Jury Prize at the International Navarro Award in Sambuca di Sicilia-May 2017).

by Roberta Dieci

Bianca is a young student at a high school in Verona, passionate about ancient literature and the promise of athletics. In love with her classmate Fabio, she lives with joy the days marked by training, study and outings with her best friend, Eleonora. Her world and all her certainties will begin to crumble when she will be chosen to represent the school in an important sports-cultural event with Marco, a boy as beautiful and intelligent as he is rude and cynical.
The two can't stand each other, but they are bound by a thin red thread that goes beyond the simple destiny of bringing them together, and during the journey to Rome, the venue of the event, something unexpected will happen that will change their lives forever. They will be called to fight an epic conflict, a battle that will bring them closer than they ever dared imagine.
A battle for their future. A battle for their world.
Lotus is a novel poised between love and adventure, magic and pure feelings.
It's an exciting and timeless journey among legendary heroes... hidden right among us.

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