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Pages 128, Size 19X26 cm. B.W.

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German (Fischer), Italian (Lapis), Chinese (Duku Kultural), Spanish - Castiglian and Catalan (Libros del Zorro Rojo),

Slowakisch (Tatran), Russisch (ENAS)

Gianumberto Accinelli
Gianumberto Accinelli

Gianumberto Accinelli was born in 1969 in the town of Bologna. He obtained a degree in agriculture and a PhD studying biological control techniques and applied ecology with professor and Giorgio Celli Stefano Maini. In 2005 he founded the start up Eugea to bring back butterflies within cities.

I Fili Invisibili della Natura
by Gianumberto Accinelli

Nature is a very complex system of invisible interactions and whenever a person interferes with it, can produce unpredictable effect. This book is about entertaining stories involving natural and bizarre events caused by human beings: a collection of historical events that took place in several parts of the world at different periods, but mostly still unknown in all their implications and developments.

An interesting and pleasant reading for becoming aware about the delicate equilibrium between nature and human beings, which involves anything and anyone.

The author, a well-known science writer with an ironical narration style, is capable of engaging young reader’s attention through exciting episodes about the natural world complete of scientific data and historical facts.

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